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From monthly credit repair, to wealth & finance courses, J.Nichole has everything you need to go from beginner to EXPERT in the next 90 days. 

Want To Get Your Finances In Order? Hire An Expert…

Let’s face it… there’s tons of “professionals” online that claim they can help boost your credit. While some of them may have good intentions, the vast majority are just following a few tutorials they’ve found on YouTube. Sadly, this does more harm than good, and leaves many people worse off than before they started. That being said, here’s a few reasons why partnering with J.Nichole is the best choice for long-term credit growth, and much needed financial stability…

Long-Term Thinking.

Nothing BIG happens overnight. But enrolling in one of our monthly restoration programs can bring positive changes to your score in just a few weeks with one of our personalized credit game-plans. 

Customized Strategies.

Speaking of having a plan… We recognize that every client is unique, and the “one-size fits all” approach simply doesn’t work. That’s why we build each strategy to suit your specific needs, and end goals.

Positive+ Track Record.

The results we get for our clients speak for themselves. With positive reviews and testimonials from REAL PEOPLE (like you), it’s plain to see why J.Nichole and her team are the Number #1 choice for credit repair.

We Actually Care About You. 

Instead of taking your money and making you do most of the work (like everyone else), we decided early on to take a different approach… Our entire business is built on a foundation  of honesty, integrity, and developing strong relationships with every single client.

So whether you want to learn critical wealth-building skills, attend one of our LIVE workshops, or just hire us to fix your credit, you can finally rest easy knowing you’re getting the highest quality services and finance training on the market.

Simply pick a program below that works best for you and click the button to get started!

Monthly Credit Restoration.

Want to PERMANENTLY raise your credit score? Apply NOW to have J.Nichole and her staff help you get the car, house, or business loan you deserve!

8-Week Wealth Coaching.

Money makes the world go-round, and it’s time you understood how it works. Click the button below to enroll in our latest course on wealth-building now! 

Live Events.

Want to learn about credit & finance in person? Click below to see where our next workshop will be held, or to book J.Nichole to speak at your next event!

Our Methods Work… Period.

Need to see proof that we actually do this stuff? Well here’s another glowing testimonial from one of our clients below! 

As you can see from the image above, this person doesn’t have an 800, or even a 700 credit rating, but coming from the low 5’s and yes, sometimes even the 400’s, reaching a score of 677 is a HUGE LEAP FORWARD in the right direction!

Especially if you don’t have any credit established at all… 

So if you’re tired of being denied for basic necessities like housing, transportation, and employment, and want to get on the fast-track to living debt-free, choose a program that works best for you by clicking one of the options below…


Choose Your Path…

Monthly Credit Restoration.

8-Week Wealth Coaching.

LIVE Events.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does it take to start seeing results on my credit?

The honest answer is, it depends on how much work needs to be done. Each client’s situation is different, and the letters that have to be processed and delivered to the credit bureaus take around 45-65 days.

(*This estimation is based on clients who have PAID IN FULL for credit restoration services).

What hours can I speak with J.Nichole or one of her credit specialists?

You can schedule a 1-on-1 consultation Monday through Friday, and Saturday by special request… We’re closed on Sundays.  

Where is your office located?

We are based in Memphis, TN, however we’re equipped to assist people around the country with their credit needs. Our highly trained team of specialist & advisors are available for consultations Monday thru Friday.

Should I pay collections or accounts in default?

No… Please apply for monthly credit restoration, and speak to one of our specialists first.


Can I challenge negative items on my credit report myself?

Yes, but you must construct the challenge letters professionally, and also be prepared for a very tedious and time consuming followup process that could take months to resolve. The best option is to just let us prepare those documents for you. 


Do I have to schedule a consultation to work with J.Nichole The Money Coach?

Yes, but first you must apply to work with us. Just visit the products and services page and click the button for Monthly Credit Restoration. Remember, this is not just a “conversation” we’re having. During the consultation we will thoroughly review your credit report, educate you in depth about the nuances of credit, and give you sound financial advice as well. We also include a free budget planner, and an E-book teaching credit tips for no additional cost.


Can we restore your credit during Bankruptcy?

No… you’ll have to wait until a Bankruptcy Attorney gives you permission to start credit repair services. According to Chapter 7 & 13, Bankruptcy clients can only enroll in such services AFTER a dismissal/discharge. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy clients can not sign-up for credit restoration if they’re still working with an attorney or paying fees.

How long does the credit restoration program last?

Our base program lasts for 4 months (paid in full). However, if you want J.Nichole and her staff to continue working on your credit after that period, you’ll need to be re-instated in the program. 

What kind of help do I get when I enroll in J.Nichole’s credit restoration program?

Our credit specialists will personally work with you to help rebuild & restore your credit. This includes periodically reviewing your credit report, developing a personalized plan for you, recommending specific actions that need to be taken, providing tools to execute those specific actions, exposing you to our in-house credit building techniques, and coaching you long-term to get (and keep) your scores where they need to be.  

What negative accounts can be challenged on my credit report?

All negative and default accounts can be challenged on your credit. This includes Hard Inquiries and Bankruptcy.


What info is needed before my consultation with J.Nichole The Money Coach?

We will only need your Credit Karma email address and password. If you don’t have credit karma, then download the Experian app on your phone. Next, send us the username and password. Both Credit Karma and Experian have credit monitoring services are free to use. Remember, before you can even schedule a consultation, you must complete the application form. You can access this by clicking the link or button for Monthly Credit Restoration on the products & services page.


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