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**Please be cautious when utilizing these tools… Without proper guidance from an experienced credit repair specialist, you could actually harm your scores instead of raising them, and cause dozens of unnecessary financial issues as well. 

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Credit Builder Card.

This is the easiest way to build credit and boost your scores.

Once you sign up for the card through me (J.Nichole), your processing fees will be waived! 

Joining only takes 2 minutes, no credit score is required for approval, and It reports to all 3 bureaus. 


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Credit Card Broker.

Much like the Credit Builder Card, you can use this service to boost scores quickly, and strategically.

Just search through the database, find the card that works best for your financial goals. 

After thoroughly reading each card’s description, hit “Apply Now” to start the approval process. 


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Identity IQ.

With the ultimate suite of credit tools, this service was designed from the ground-up with identity protection in mind…

Tools include a deep dive into your credit report & scores, enhanced credit monitoring, dark-web monitoring, identity monitoring, application monitoring, and $1,000,000 identity theft insurance.

This is one of the most important tools to have when it comes to protecting your name, reputation, and finances.

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